DSC 0075Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities for parents, grandparents, and special friends of our students to become involved at St. Louis. Please refer to the Home and School officer in charge of your desired area for more information or as always give us a call in the school office.

Volunteer opportunities:

Room Mother-coordinates class parties, helps classroom teacher with various activities throughout the year

Library volunteer-helps check-out books one day a month, usually to your child’s homeroom

Art room volunteer-assists Mrs. Durden in the art room during your child’s class period

Cafeteria volunteer-works with other parents one day a month to assist serving lunch

Concession volunteer-works with class parents during an assigned month to staff the concession stand

Receptions volunteer-works with receptions chairman to host various receptions throughout the year

Athletic team coach-coaches students in grades 1-8 on various sports teams

There are many other opportunities to volunteer, please contact the Home and School Association for more information.