We are so fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers at St. Louis. The overwhelming support of these friends helps make us such a strong school.

In keeping with diocesan policy, any adult who volunteers or regularly interacts with our students must participate in the VIRTUS training course. This two hour course, VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children is a child safety program designed to maximize efforts to refine the church and school’s role as a child-safe environment and empower adults to protect our children.

As a church and school we are committed to the safety and well-being of our students. All St. Louis employees have attended the VIRTUS class and undergone a background check. In addition, all volunteers of the church and school are to do the same-anyone who coaches, drives on a field trip, volunteers in the cafeteria or classroom or in any capacity.

The diocese hosts ongoing training sessions. The diocesan schedule of training sessions may be found at www.cdom.org.