beta club 2National Junior Beta Club

This honor is bestowed upon students in grades 6-8 who meet the following eligibility requirements:  3.75 GPA with a conduct grade average of a G or better; high recommendations from all classroom teachers; and demonstrated leadership ability.  The National Junior Beta Club promotes character and social responsibility, encourages involvement to school and community, fosters leadership skills, and provides settings for children to develop interpersonal relationship skills.

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 National Junior Beta Club By-Laws


The name of this organization shall be the Saint Louis School Chapter of the National Junior Beta Club.

Time and Place of Meetings

The time and place of meetings of this chapter shall be decided upon by the Sponsors in collaboration with other St. Louis School activities.

The place of the meetings of this chapter shall be the Saint Louis School Library.

Affiliation and Co-ordination

This chapter of the National Junior Beta Club is an integral part of the central organization of the National Beta Club, and shall be governed by the academic and financial policies laid down in the National Constitution of the central organization of the National Beta Club. Its coat-of-arms, motto, colors, creed, and official insignia shall be those of the National organization of the National Beta Club.


The purpose of this organization shall be the promotion of scholarship, leadership, and good citizenship at the St. Louis School.


The membership of this organization shall be made up from among the students with a 3.75 or above overall average of the St. Louis School who, because of their worthy character, good mentality, credible achievement, and commendable attitude and exceptional conduct meet the requirements of the organization. Teacher recommendation will be the basis for selection.  Final admission will be based on recommendation from the administration.

Induction of Members

Induction of members into the chapter shall be one of the dignity appropriate to the ideals of the organization.  Induction shall be held in January prior to the end of the academic school year. This ceremony will also serve as a re-commissioning for current members. These members will be re-evaluated by sponsors and administration to determine if they qualify for future membership.

Loss of membership

Conduct unbecoming a member will result in probation for a time period  to be determined by the school administration and sponsors of Junior Beta Club.

A member of this chapter of the Junior Beta Club may be dropped if he/she is absent, without justifiable reason, from two regular consecutive meetings.

A member of this chapter may be dropped from membership if his/her scholastic record falls below 3.5 average for the semester.  However, no member may be dropped from membership for scholastic deficiency without being accorded a probationary period of one nine week grading period to raise his/her scholastic record above the minimum required for membership.

A member may also be dropped from membership because of disciplinary action. If a member receives an N or U for any nine weeks he/she will automatically be placed on probation.  If a member fails to raise this conduct grade or commits a disciplinary infraction either before or during this probationary period he/she may be dropped from membership. Final decisions for termination of membership or placing a member on probation shall be determined by the sponsors or school administrators.

A student so dropped from membership may be reinstated, provided he/she meets the requirements laid down in the membership requirements.

For a member who has been dropped from membership, a record of this action shall be relayed to the National Office of the National Beta Club immediately.

Service Hours

Members will be responsible for completing twenty-four service hours in an academic school year.  Service hours completed during the summer may be possible and these hours will be reviewed by the sponsors. Service logs will be the responsibility of the member. They will be reviewed by the sponsor at the end of the first semester. If members fail to meet the service hour commitment, they may be dropped from membership. These members may not be reinstated.

The St. Louis chapter of Junior Beta Club will set the sevice projects for the academic school year as soon as possible after the beginning of the school year. All service projects shall be approved by the administration of St. Louis School.


The officers of this chapter of the National Junior Beta Club shall be:  a president, a  vice-president, a secretary, a chaplain, a reporter .

The duties of the president shall be: to preside at the meetings, to represent the organization when necessary; and to administer the policies as laid down in this constitution and its by-laws.

The duties of the vice-president shall be; to preside at meetings when the president is absent or incapacitated to perform the duties of the office; to assist in administering the affairs of the chapter.

The duties of the secretary shall be; to keep a record of membership; to record the nimutes of the meetings, and to carry on the necessary club correspondence.

The duties of the reporter shall be; to arrange for publicity for any activities or special features of club operations or any of its members in local and state newspapers.

The duties of the chaplain shall be to begin each meeting with a prayer and to lead the club members in the recitation of the Beta Club pledge to scholarship and service.

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