Profile of a SLS Graduate

St. Louis Catholic School has a rich tradition of educating students dating back to 1957.  Many St. Louis students are legacies to the school when they begin. During these young, formative years it is crucial for a strong base of character and faith to be built, and in this area, St. Louis excels.

A graduate of St. Louis will exhibit an understanding of the Catholic faith, through the demonstration of a moral and spiritual code of conduct, generous gifts of stewardship with their time, talent and treasure, and an expression of their faith in God through Catholic worship and prayer.

A graduate of St. Louis School will recognize their responsibility to serve the Church and their community.  Our students are encouraged to participate in the church youth group which deepens spiritual formation, through mission work and other activities.  They realize that they are accountable for their actions, and that they should make a lifelong commitment to serving others.  They are aware of the diversity within our community and that they must always strive to aid in the welfare of others.

A graduate of St. Louis School is proficient in technology and research skills and will demonstrate critical thinking to solve problems independently and as a member of a group.  Our students are well prepared for the next level in a college preparatory secondary school.

A graduate of St. Louis School is able to work cohesively with and show respect for others.  Upon graduation, our students will display effective oral and written communication skills necessary for success in today’s society.

A graduate of St. Louis School has been exposed to team and individual sports of all varieties, academic clubs, scouts, the arts and many other enrichment activities.

During their time here, St. Louis students more resemble a family than just a school, as lasting friendships are formed in our nurturing environment.

St. Louis School graduates will succeed in life as productive, educated and well rounded members of society.