Junior HighJr high 1

The junior high at St. Louis is designed to foster academic success at the next level, thus preparing our students for a college-preparatory high school program. St. Louis recently opened our new junior high wing on the east side of the main school building. The junior high expansion houses eight new classrooms, science lab, music studio, robotics lab and distance learning center. This new expansion, coupled with our one-to-one laptop program. increased technology, and strong academic curriculum enhances the academic rigor presented to each student.

The junior high students participate in a rotating block schedule in which they switch classes each period of the day. Students receive instruction in the core curriculum subjects of religion, math, social studies, science, Spanish, grammar/writing, and literature. Honors level courses are offered in algebra and literature.

There is a strong infusion of technology across the curriculum, including a one to one laptop program , and an emphasis on STEM education, including robotics that assists in ensuring our students are ready to meet the rigors of a 21st century learner. Additional offerings for the junior high student include art, music, and physical education. All students meet weekly with the school counselor as part of our advising program.

The academic foundations at St. Louis are grounded in the tenets of our Catholic faith. There is a strong focus on developing each individual’s faith journey and an emphasis on serving others through community service. We believe a strong and well-rounded education that encompasses a student’s
faith formation and academic excellence is vital to developing the skills that
our students will carry throughout life.Jr high 2