St. Louis is pleased to offer our students exposure to the latest technological advances in education. Our Distance Learning Center provides all students in preschool through eighth grade the opportunity to video-conference with field experts and attend virtual field trips in places around the world. Students have spoken with authors in New York state, visited with zoo keepers in Florida, collaborated with students in Texas, and spoken with scientists at NASA.

Each classroom is equipped with SMART Boards for daily instruction as well as computer access for students. The fifth through eighth grade students participate in a one-to-one Chromebook program utilizing Google Docs in which they use these laptops throughout the day. We additionally utilize four laptop carts for grades one through four. Students in preschool through third grade utilize iPads to explore the many opportunities available through these tools. Students in kindergarten are given weekly computer instruction in our computer lab that houses thirty desktop computers.

STEM education is a prevalent component of education in today’s technologically advancing society. The science curriculum in grades 5-8 incorporates units on robotics into the regular classroom experience. Students learn elementary programming of the Lego robots.

The day-to-day curriculum is further enhanced with use of Discovery Education, Accelerated Reader, IXL Math and Language Arts, BrainPop, Learning A-Z, ALEKS, and Edline.DLC3