The St. Louis STEM curriculum focuses on providing our students with the framework to instill educational success in science, technology, engineering, and math as indicators for success in future careers.  Our curriculum is rooted in the tenets of the Catholic faith and empowers teachers to guide the students in using a moral compass while solving real world problems.

The goal of our STEM program is to present a unified program that engages all students. Our program is cross-curricular and encompasses all subject areas for all students.  Our students will be assessed by many measures, not just subject driven tests but also through projects and discussions that show an understanding of the subject matter.

Currently, we have expanded our focus on STEM through STEM unit plans for each grade. These cross-curricular units are presented quarterly and consist of outside speakers, field trips, and culminating projects that incorporate work across all subject areas. We have also contracted with Computer Explorers to provide weekly labs for preschool through fourth grade and once a semester labs for grades 5-8 on STEM specific topics.

Our work with Cardinal Crops, our outdoor garden is ongoing. Students plant and maintain the garden; we may then use our produce in our cafeteria. Parents and grandparents who are experts in this field have helped design the garden and will be brought in to talk about the garden and the benefits of the crops we grow.

We are a one-to-one chromebook campus for grades 4-8 and the students in preschool through grade 3 have iPads for their use, thus we have this year renovated our computer lab and now house a makerspace for students to use in creating, problem-solving, and exploring.


Please visit our school STEM website