wormStudent Enhancement and Support

St. Louis is committed to providing enriching instruction to all of our students. The Learning Lab and SOARing programs are overseen by the school counselors and focus on the needs of our students at both ends of the learning spectrum. These supplemental programs are used to enhance the traditional classroom instruction.

The Learning Lab program offers additional help to students in kindergarten through eighth grade who need extra support in the areas of math and language arts. Using a multi-sensory approach within a small group setting, Learning Lab provides individualized instruction focusing mainly on in-class support.

The Gifted Program (SOARing) is a program for students in grades 2-6 who are academically and cognitively gifted. These students exhibit high standardized test scores falling in the 90th percentile or above on the ITBS composite score and exhibit scores in the top 5 percentile in cognitive ability, as well as being high achievers in the classroom. This program for qualified students in grades 2-6, challenges students to use critical thinking skills and incorporate presentation, research, technology, and writing into the assignments.