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Religion-Students in preschool through eighth grade use the Loyola Press, Christ Our Life series. This series is endorsed by the NCCB and focuses on the pillars of the Catholic catechism. The first grade students  also use materials from the Our Sunday Visitor series. Students in second grade participate in sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Our eighth graders receive preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Language Arts-The language arts curriculum has a foundation in reading through the development of a strong base in phonics.  In addition to phonics and grammar the primary grades utilize basal readers to enhance the students reading and comprehension.  Middle and junior high curriculum adds supplemental reading through a study of various novels. Students in the first through seventh grade also participate in the Accelerated Reader program. Writing is emphasized across the curriculum.

Mathematics-Mathematical concepts beginning with the basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division form the fundamental basis to teach the students the concepts of problem solving, elementary geometry and algebra. Students are taught to use logical as well as critical thinking skills. Students utilize math as supplemental reinforcement to the Saxon math program. ALEKS, a computer based mathematics program is used to supplement our honors program.

Social Studies-Beginning with our kindergarten program, the students learn the importance of the neighborhood and communities around them. As the students advance through the school, emphasis is placed on the larger populations that affect our world. Study of our country, other nations and the world incorporates the multi faceted interworkings of society. This overview also focuses on important figures in history, the many cultures of our world, and each individual’s responsibility to our neighbor through good citizenship.

Science-The science curriculum is a broad overview of life, earth and physical science. Students learn about the wonders of our world. A hands on approach to the concepts brings learning to life as students participate in many experiments. The scientific process from hypothesis to analysis of data allows students to grasp the many concepts of the science curriculum.

Spanish-Spanish is introduced to our students in pre-school. Students in kindergarten through sixth grade receive weekly instruction in Spanish. The seventh and eighth grade students meet daily. The curriculum goes beyond elementary phrases to conversation and exposure to the different cultures of Spanish speaking nations.

Art-Students in kindergarten through eighth grade attend weekly art class. The artist is given the opportunity to participate in creativity through many mediums. Primary grades work with everything from crayons to water color to clay. Middle and junior high students incorporate wood, tempera paints, sculpting and even metal projects into the curriculum to allow students to delve  into their own perspective of what is art . The curriculum also exposes students to art history and different artistic techniques. A goal or our program is to integrate art into the core subject areas.

Physical Education-All students participate in weekly physical education. The emphasis of the physical education curriculum goes beyond team and individual sports to educating the students on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and fitness for life.

Music-All students attend weekly music class. Music at St. Louis begins with instruction in basic music elements as applied to percussion instruments and chorus. Students are also given the opportunity to learn string instruments. Each student throughout their tenure at St. Louis learns about the different genres of music and is given guidance in composing from those genres as well as learning about the eras. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in one of three divisions of the school orchestra and be a member in one of several school choirs.

Computer-Students in all grade levels are given exposure to the computer throughout their daily studies as it applies to the individual class curriculum. Students receive instruction in basic keyboarding as well as Microsoft and Google products. In addition students are taught the standards of using technology for research. Each grade level teacher uses the computer to enhance the students learning through integration of technology into all subject matter. Computer based programs such as BrainPop, Froguts and Quizlet are used to supplement learning.