schoolMission Statement

St. Louis Catholic School is committed to quality education in the spirit of Christ in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Partnering with families and our community, we prepare our students for the future through faith formation and academic excellence.

1. Our school's primary focus is to educate through spiritual growth and a commitment to the Catholic faith.

2. A challenging curriculum encourages students to achieve their optimum learning potential.

3. All students can learn to the best of their ability given appropriate learning opportunities.

4. Development of critical thinking and problem solving skills are needed for future growth.

5. An awareness of cultural diversity encourages students' understandintg and acceptance for all peoples.

6. Meangful community service prepares students to assume an active role in the local and parish community and develops a sense of altruism.

7. Mutual respect among students and staff promotes an atmosphere that fosters and enhances students' self-esteem and emotional maturity.

8. A close working relationship with the entire school community is vital to the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth of the whole child.

9. Students should be provided with a safe and physically comfortable environment that fosters a sense of security and well-being.

10. The integration of STEM with our core curriculum empowers students to become lifelong learners who are able to address challenges with confidence and a moral perspective.